Find a group in your area to join forces with. We already have groups of students working together in DCU, DIT, NUIG, NUI Maynooth, RCSI, TCD, UCC, UCD and WIT. Don’t worry if there’s not a group on your campus. You can start your own - email failterefugees@gmail.com to get started or sign up here.

Speak to the change makers

We want you to speak to the change makers in your area and let them know that they must do more!

Where to start: 

  • Send your TD a letter - you can find a sample here and you can find your TD here

  • Speak at your local church or community centre. You can find help with that here. 

  • Contact some of the following and ask what they are doing to help (we have compiled this list to help you) 

    • Irish Local Development Networks/Partnerships :  Act as a bridge between community and statuary services.

    • Public Participation Networks :  Provide the opportunity for engagement between local people and local authorities. Details found in County Council Office Websites.       

    • Social Inclusion & Community Activation Programme (SICAP) : Local engagement between the disadvantaged and community organisations / public sector agencies.        

    • County Council Offices: Contain very useful contact information on local community activity & agendas.         

Awareness & Education

Learn more: Students go to university to learn, so it’s a great place to find out the truth about refugees and asylum in Ireland. If you would like to find out more about the refugee crisis - check out our resources section and our FAQs. 


Teach others and spread awareness

It is important that we help to educate and spread awareness in our communities on the migration crisis and the importance of us helping to change how Ireland responds. If you would like help organising an awareness event on your campus or in your community please get in touch. 

  • Hold an information session - invite speakers/experts to contribute 

  • Circulate our FAQs and Facts

  • Speak out the issue in your homes/schools/colleges/groups

  • Encourage conversation and spark interest in people to help out and join us

Identify what your community can offer

Our ultimate goal is to have refugees welcomed into our communities and fully integrated. To achieve that we need our communities to offer both accommodation and services. The Irish Red Cross is tasked with collating pledges of accommodation, goods and services for migrants arriving in Ireland over the coming months and years. Pledges can be registered here. 

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